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About Us

We founded NuHuate – Why
In 2013, NuHuate was founded by three home drinkers who worked in Food & Beverage industry for over 10 years. We believe that home drinking market in Hong Kong needs a push. Still often see complex wine language, and failing to really connect with customer. We see customers standing in front of wine racks or for hours didn’t sure which bottle they want; listening to sommelier without understand what they really says; or purchasing a bottle with hesitation. Money is paid, expectation didn’t meet.

We believe in- What
Today wine drinking culture should be simpler, it should be easy to everyone.

Our principle – KEEP IT SIMPLE
We speaks the language as you do, no jargon or vague message, we are drinkers too. We well-crafted the wine selection from around the world to simplify but enhancing your home drinking experience.

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