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Wine 101 – Ideal Wine Serving Temperature

November 25, 2013 under Wine 101

You’ll chill your white wine in ice bucket and red served by room temperature. This is a pretty vague advice as Hong Kong’s room temperature various.
Sparkling wine: Ice cold, 5ºC – 8ºC. Put your bottle of bubbles in the freeze for an hour before serving.


White wine: Fridge cold, 8ºC – 14ºC. Lighter and zesty wine are better serve cooler, oaked white wine are better serve warmer.

Light Red wine: Cold, 12ºC – 17ºC. Put your bottle in the fridge 30 minutes before serving. Fruity wine are better serve warmer.

Red wine: Slightly cool 17ºC – 21ºC. High tannin wines are better serves warmer to smooth out a bit.

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